Employee Security Index (ESI®)

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Der Employee Security Index (ESI®) – Standard-Benchmark

The basis of our awareness training is a method patented by IT-Seal for measuring the security behavior of all groups and employees participating in the security awareness training.

This manifests in a scientifically researched key figure, the Employee Security Index or ESI® for short. This is an industry-wide unique benchmark that continuously measures, compares and monitors the company-wide security behavior of all groups and employees.

In this white paper, we present the ESI® Benchmark in more detail and you will learn how it is applied in practice.

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Der Employee Security Index (ESI®)

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ESI® – the scientific benchmark for measuring security awareness.

The ESI® is a security awareness indicator and makes the IT security awareness of your employees measurable. It was developed scientifically, has been granted a patent and offers a high degree of comparability and reliability due to its standardisation. 

In order to be able to make a statement about how good the security behavior of the employees really is, it is necessary to carry out a large number of different attack simulations. This is the only way to filter out individual “lucky hits”. The results of these many different attacks are summarized accordingly in the ESI® and clarified in the form of traffic light signal colors.

The Target ESI® Security Guarantee from IT-Seal

Did you know that IT-Seal – as the only provider on the market! – gives you a guarantee that the targeted security level will be achieved?

We deliver what we promise!

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