Why IT-Seal?

Why IT-Seal?

What makes IT-Seal so special?

IT-Seal GmbH is regarded throughout Germany as one of the top addresses for sustainable security culture and innovative awareness technologies. But what sets us apart from other awareness campaign providers?

Target-ESI® and Awareness Engine

As much training as necessary, but as little as possible. Save working time and costs by avoiding unnecessary training of already sensitized employees.​

Full Service Communication

Including stakeholder communication for employees, works council, managers and data protection officers.

OSINT phishing at employee & company level

Proceeding like real attackers

Individual opt-out solutions

Allow employees to decide for themselves whether to participate in certain procedures.

Your added values through our unique selling points

IT-Seal is a technology leader and innovative driver in the field of security awareness. Our technology trains your employees to recognize and defend against cyber attacks.

Time and cost savings

Thanks to our award-winning Awareness Engine, you save compared to uniform training in a watering can - as much training as necessary and as little as possible

Full service and stakeholder communication

You do not need to deal with the management and implementation of the trainings. Thanks to our full service incl. stakeholder communication and quarterly reports, through your personal IT-Seal project manager

Effective protection against state-of-the-art cyber attacks

Thanks to our patented spear-phishing-engine including Level 3 spear phishing attacks, you are optimally protected against the most common and latest cyber attacks

Guaranteed achievement of the targeted security level

With the Target ESI® Security Guarantee from IT-Seal, we assure you that you will reach your desired target security level within 12 months. If this is not the case, we will continue to train your employees "free of charge" until the Target ESI® and therefore the desired level of security is reached!

Together to a sustainable security culture

Find out here how our innovative approach to awareness campaigns accompanies you step by step on the way to a sustainable security culture.

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IT-Seal bietet IT-Security made in Germany.

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Was IT-Seal so besonders macht?

Unsere Vorteile für Sie.

Die IT-Seal GmbH gilt deutschlandweit als eine der ersten Adressen für nachhaltige Sicherheitskultur und innovative Awareness-Technologien. Doch was hebt uns von anderen Anbietern von Awareness-Kampagnen ab? Erfahren Sie hier, wie unser innovativer Ansatz für Awareness-Trainings Sie Schritt für Schritt auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Sicherheitskultur begleitet.

IT-Seal Full Service

Security culture as a full service

Sustainably effective awareness campaigns.

Every organization is different – has its own processes, its own committees, its own culture. IT-Seal’s mission is to help you to transform your unaware employees who can potentially trigger security incidents into an enlightened human firewall that protects your business. We stand closely by your side every step of the way, providing full service as needed. At our Awareness Academy, you get all aspects of your awareness campaign from a single source and can sit back and relax, while you watch your company’s security levels rise.


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Employee Security Index

Our ESI® makes awareness measurable.

Phishing click-through rates can be misleading, as they measure how well a phishing e-mail is done rather than how high your employees’ security awareness is. That’s why we developed the ESI®, a security awareness metric that makes your employees’ IT security awareness measurable. Due to its scientific basis and high level of standardisation, it offers the possibility of comparing not only employee groups with each other, but also companies in the same industry. By measuring over a certain period of time, it is also possible to clearly determine the awareness development of employees and thus the success of awareness measures. At the Awareness Academy you define our Target-ESI® and we will take care that your employees reach it.

The ESI®® is the first and only IT security indicator, that made it into our company KPIs!“says a customer from the energy sector.

Awareness-Training an oder aus: Die Engine entscheidet selbstständig, wann Trainingsbedarf besteht.

IT-Seal awareness technologies

Effective awareness training. Fully automated.

With our innovative awareness technologies, we offer you effective and sustainable training that sensitises your employees’ awareness of IT security in the long term.

The IT-Seal Awareness Engine forms the technological core of the awareness training. It regularly evaluates the IT security behavior of the participants and decides on autopilot which group will receive further training measures and which group will pause due to the target security level already achieved.  Each participant thus receives exactly as much training as necessary, but at the same time as little as possible.

Our patented Spear-Phishing-Engine evaluates publicly available information (Open Source Intelligence, OSINT for short) of your employees, which on the one hand serves the attack potential of your company. On the other hand, the Spear-Phishing-Engine can create and send targeted spear phishing emails fully automatically.

E-Learning IT-Seal

Customized training based on needs

Increasing levels of difficulty to challenge individually and in a varied way.

In awareness training, it is important to respond individually to participants, to challenge them and to keep them having fun. Our phishing simulation starts with simple scenarios and, if the employee successfully fends them off, progresses to increasingly elaborate and sophisticated spear phishing emails that are more difficult to detect. This helps us avoid so-called security fatigue. Employees thus receive exactly the right level of difficulty between boredom and overwhelm to remain motivated in the long term.

Unser Geschäftsführer und Social-Engineering Experte David Kelm nimmt zusammen mit Alex Wyllie einen Preis für ein Security-Awareness-Konzept entgegen.

Award-winning team of experts

And one of the most successful German cybersecurity start-ups.

IT-Seal was awarded for its work at the it-sa trade fair as “best cybersecurity startup from D/A/CH”. In addition, the Darmstadt-based company took first place in the Europe-wide social engineering competition of the TREsPASS Project and landed among the “Top 10 Best Cyber Security Startups in Europe” in the SBA Research Competition. As a university spin-off of TU Darmstadt, IT-Seal works with the latest findings from applied research and collaborates with the national research center for applied cyber security (ATHENE). Our CEO David Kelm is a certified risk manager and security awareness expert. More about our founding team and IT-Seal.

Kunden von IT-Seal

Satisfied customers

See for yourself.

Let’s see what the customers say about their experiences with IT-Seal:

89% of the participants state that the measure has sharpened their IT security awareness: “I actually thought that I would recognise phishing mails directly. The campaign has taught me otherwise. Now I am even more aware.”

98% rate the awareness measure as useful: “Much better than “just” taking online training courses!”

100% have exchanged views with colleagues about the security awareness training: “Well constructed emails with rising standards.”

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IT-Seal bietet IT-Security made in Germany.