Our best solution: the Awareness Academy

Our best solution: the Awareness Academy

Our Awareness Academy explained in 2 minutes.

A simple and effective workflow for increasing the awareness of your employees: The IT-Seal Awareness Academy.

9 out of 10 successful cyber attacks start with a phishing email and therefore also with a deceived employee. As a security manager, you are faced with the challenge of minimizing the “human” security risk. With the IT-Seal Awareness Academy, you can easily and, above all, permanently put a checkmark on the topic of security awareness. You define the desired target security level via the Employee Security Index (Target-ESI®) and we take care of the rest.

The continuous training program includes a variety of methods to effectively reach unaware employees: From phishing simulations, e-learnings, short videos, online seminars and awareness materials to tips for the workplace. The result of the Awareness Academy is enlightened employees who know and accept their responsibility for the security of the company.

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IT-Seal bietet IT-Security made in Germany.

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"The ESI® is the first and only IT security metric to make it into our corporate KPIs!"

Customer from the energy industry

Continuous training in four versions

Security awareness is a continuous process – just like our awareness solutions.

Measure once or permanently

Permanent measurement & training



Patented spear phishing simulation, so you get to know us and your security level.
  • 4-week current state analysis or continuous spear phishing simulation
  • Patented Spear-Phishing-Engine
  • Full service setup



Ziel-ESI® von 70

Inexpensive, standardized security awareness training developed by professionals.
  • Target-ESI® of 70 as goal
  • All Lite features included
  • Award-winning Awareness Engine: Training on autopilot
  • All e-trainings included



Ziel-ESI® von 70

High-quality security awareness training customized to the user.
  • Target-ESI® of 80 as goal
  • All Basic features included
  • Online seminars included
  • Awareness material included



Ziel-ESI® von 70

The high-end solution for the best possible security in the area of security awareness
  • Target-ESI® of 90 as goal
  • All Professional features included
  • Employee OSINT: the best phishing simulation
  • Social engineering site inspection included

All packages contain the features of the subordinate packages.

Welcome aboard

IT-Seal Awareness Academy speaks 24 languages.

The Target ESI® Security Guarantee from IT-Seal

Did you know that IT-Seal – as the only provider on the market! – gives you a guarantee that the targeted security level will be achieved?

We deliver what we promise!

Outlook Reporter-Add-In

The reporting chain is a central element of IT security in the company. To support this, IT-Seal offers the Reporter Button, as an add-in for Outlook Desktop and Mobile. It enables employees to forward a suspicious email to a predefined location with one click.

If the email is an IT-Seal spear phishing simulation, employees receive immediate positive feedback. If the e-mail does not originate from IT-Seal, it is automatically forwarded as an attachment to the customer’s internal IT support for analysis. The goal is to simplify the reporting of phishing incidents as well as to keep the internal company effort with the phishing simulation low. In the IT Seal Awareness Manager, it is possible to see how many of the simulated phishing emails have been reported by employees.


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The add-in is available for Outlook 2016 and Outlook 365.

A suitable place for everyone

In good hands: Track the current security level and other exciting insights in the Awareness Manager, while your employees can access the e-trainings in the Security Hub easily and clearly.

Awareness Manager

Making awareness visible: Statistics and exciting insights such as our Employee Security Index await you, as do convenient service and configuration functions.
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Most Teachable Moment

Clarification in the moment of the mistake: In the “most teachable moment” your employees are most receptive to a learning effect.

Security Hub

The Security Hub is a central place for the e-training of your employees. Conveniently and without their own account management, employees can find everything their information security heart desire.
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We are GDPR compliant

To a large extent, our processes and standards for data protection go beyond the requirements of the existing legal requirements and meet the requirements of the GDPR.
For example:

GDPR compliant

Awareness features in detail

Compare our awareness programs and find the right training. We will be happy to help you. You can get more information about the features through downloading.

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Test your Security Awareness and get to know the following modules of the IT-Seal Awareness Academy without obligation:

Step 1: Sign up with your business email address.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your registration.

Step 3: After confirming your registration, you will immediately receive your test access.

At the same time, the phishing simulation starts and you will receive a total of 4 simulated phishing emails within two weeks.

At the end, you will receive your personal evaluation: Which phishing emails did you recognize, and which ones did you fall for?

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