Security Hub

Security Hub

The central learning platform for your employees

The Security Hub is a central location for employee e-training. Conveniently and without their own account management (with the help of Magic Links), employees can find everything they desire: training, information, statistics on their own security behavior and more.

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In the Security Hub, your employees will find all learning content conveniently summarized in one place. They can also see which phishing emails they have received and which they have clicked on. The knowledge database provides additional general information on phishing and awareness.

The advantages of the IT-Seal Security Hub

Central access to all learning content - at any time

In the Security Hub, your employees will find all learning content centrally summarized: From e-learnings to received phishing simulations to short videos and quizzes. Each e-learning is listed with a detailed description, approximate completion time, and personal learning status.

Your employees can thus devote themselves flexibly and conveniently to their awareness training and also access specific information at the moment of need. The Security Hub saves the intermediate training statuses so that they can be resumed at any time.

FAQ section to answer questions independently

The FAQ section provides your employees with helpful information from our knowledge database. Users can navigate through various categories, such as our phishing simulations or the risk of cyber attacks, and find targeted answers to frequently asked questions at the moment of need.

Inform about new content and send reminders

When new learning content is rolled out in your awareness campaign, all users in the selected group will be notified by e-mail and will receive their direct link to the Security Hub and a description of the new training content. The link is a magic link – this means that users are automatically logged in and do not have to remember or set up any access data!

You can also send reminders for the learning content. In this case users, who have not yet completed the training, will receive an e-mail with a link to the Security Hub and a reminder about their outstanding training content.

Gaining insight into behaviour during phishing attacks

We asked ourselves: How can your employees become even more secure in dealing with phishing e-mails? The answer is a personalised evaluation of the phishing simulation for all employees. Here, they can learn in a protected setting which attacks they are particularly susceptible to and can view all explanations again as required.

Employees are shown in detail how they reacted to each phishing scenario they received and what psychological tricks were used in the phishing email. In this way, your employees can learn more about their own behavior and develop themselves further.

Employee and data privacy in focus

The employee privacy is important to us, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis and anonymously. By department, hierarchy or region – decide for yourself which groups you want to compare. The Awareness Engine determines which group has already reached the desired security level and which is still below the goal-ESI® and thus controls the training on a group basis and in line with requirements.

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