Awareness Manager

Awareness Manager

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IT-Seal's Awareness Manager gives you comprehensive insight into your ongoing awareness campaign

The advantages of the IT Seal's Awareness Manager

The security level of your company always in view

IT-Seal’s Awareness Manager is your personal dashboard to monitor the security level of your company and the development of your employees in real time.

You will receive both a comprehensive overview of your current awareness campaign as well as detailed insights into the performance of individual employee groups and phishing scenarios.

Your personal IT-Seal contact will be happy to assist you should you require support in the Awareness Manager. In addition, our knowledge database is available to you at any time in the FAQ section.

IT-Seal Team

Short and long-term success of your awareness campaign

Using our standardised security awareness metric, the Employee Security Index (ESI®) you can measure the IT security awareness of your employees.

Using the dashboard in the Awareness Manager, you can check at any time the current ESI® of your entire company or even group-based analyses.

This allows you to identify both short-term developments in security awareness and the long-term success of your awareness campaign: the lived security culture.

Detailed insights into the phishing scenarios sent out

With the Awareness Manager, you can view at any time the phishing emails sent by IT-Seal as part of your awareness campaign and how “successful” certain scenarios were with your employees.

See live how many links and files were opened in phishing simulations and how many macros were executed.

You can access this information across projects, i.e. across companies, as well as on a group-specific basis. In this way, you can determine which department is already fit to deal with phishing emails and where there is still a need for development.

Overview of the learning success of employees

To get an overview of the progress of your employees in the e-learning, the Awareness Manager also offers a company-wide and group-specific overview.

See which group, classified for example as a department, has already started and completed which e-learning module and which groups are still lacking. These groups can consciously motivate you once again to take advantage of the insightful e-learning offering.

Focus on employee and data privacy

The employee privacy is important to us, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis and anonymously. By department, hierarchy or region – decide for yourself which groups you want to compare. The Awareness Engine determines which group has already reached the desired security level and which is still below the goal-ESI® and thus controls the training on a group basis and in line with requirements.

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