Awareness Engine

Awareness Engine

Train Employees - fully automatically with the Awareness Engine

Security awareness training for employees is essential to effectively protect a company from cyber attackers, because 90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email. Nevertheless, this task poses a challenge for many IT security managers, as sustainable employee training can be time-consuming and take up many resources.

Not with us: IT-Seal has developed the innovative and award-winning Awareness Engine for you. This awareness technology trains your employees on demand and fully automated for a sustainable and efficient sensitisation. The result is an active security culture and enlightened employees who know and accept their responsibility for their company. The Awareness Engine forms the technological core of our Awareness Academy and provides training on autopilot: Each participant receives as much training as necessary and as little as possible.

At the beginning, you define your personal security target level. For this purpose, IT-Seal offers the Employee Security Index ESI®, our scientifically based, standardised security awareness indicator. Using this, your employees are trained on a metrics-based basis to achieve your target-ESI® and maintain it in the long term.

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The advantages of the IT Seal Awareness Engine

Training on autopilot

IT-Seal’s unique awareness engine trains your employees on all relevant awareness topics – independently on autopilot. You can sit back and relax and be sure that your employees are trained continuously and effectively.

Our award-winning Awareness Engine regularly checks the security awareness of your employees and determines which group still needs training and which is already secure. Accordingly, the training of a group is automatically paused, continued or resumed.

As much as necessary - as little as possible

Not every employee needs the same amount of training: some are already very confident in information security and recognize phishing emails easily, whereas other participants are still unsure and need more training.

In order to meet this individual needs, each employee group receives exactly as much training as necessary through the Awareness Engine – but as little as possible. In this way, secure employee groups that have already reached the Target-ESI® can fully concentrate on their actual work and employee groups below the Target-ESI® are trained in a targeted manner.

Diverse training methods

Our training methods are as diverse as security awareness and we use them to train your employees effectively and sustainably. In addition to e-learnings, short videos, online classes, classroom training and awareness materials, your employees are trained and prepared for attacks via authentic spear phishing simulations.

The award-winning Awareness Engine automatically ensures that your employees receive all the relevant training content and methods they need, so that awareness training always remains varied and effective.

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Achieving the Target-ESI® with the Awareness Engine

At the beginning of the joint awareness training, you define your Target-ESI®, which you want to achieve and maintain in the long term. The ESI® is a control instrument with which the security awareness in the company can be regularly checked. This provides transparency about the progress of your employees and the security culture of your company.

Our award-winning Awareness Engine uses your Target-ESI® to train your employees in a targeted and metrics-based manner. It checks the effectiveness of individual training measures and derives concrete training needs.

Our Awareness Engine is compliant to data privacy

to protect your employees.

The employee privacy is important to us, which is why the results are always evaluated on a group basis and anonymously. By department, hierarchy or region – decide for yourself which groups you want to compare. The Awareness Engine determines which group has already reached the desired security level and which is still below the Target-ESI® and thus controls the training on a group basis and in line with requirements.


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